Development & Project Management


Our experienced development and project management team provides a full spectrum of development and construction management services to meet the needs of our clients – whether focused towards a long term develop and hold, or a short-term merchant-build. We focus on big picture conceptualization, and supplement the macro perspective with attention to detail in entitlements, design, construction and financial modeling. Our services can be structured as pure fee-based, or through joint venture structures. We take the time to explain and debate all relevant factors of project design and return maximization, which enables us to guide our clients to the development program that best fits the demand profile for the space markets, the capital markets, and competitive environment. 


Our capabilities and resources include:

Opportunity Sourcing

Manage seller, tenant and broker relationships to originate, cultivate and prioritize development opportunities.

Project Management

Select, align and manage the architects, engineers, contractors, brokers and consultants most qualified for a specific project.

Pre-Development Feasibility

Perform site specific analysis to economically design and validate the merits of deal opportunities.

Value Engineering & Budgeting

Narrow and refine the work scope, process and materials to control costs and maximize market value.

Entitlement Procurement

Manage legal and engineering consultants rapidly through all regulatory and land-use approvals.

Constructino Management

Ensure quality and timely completion of construction through proactive supervision and communication.

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